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Marking the Remembrance Day of all Serbs who died and were expelled in the armed operation "Storm" - 5 August 2021

The President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, attended the marking of the Remembrance Day of all the victims and expelled Serbs in the armed operation "Storm" and said that Serbia remembers!

"Today, when we remind ourselves again of what happened in August 1995, the terrible pogrom, the expulsion of more than 250,000 Serbs, the exodus and ethnic cleansing, we, at the same time, and finally, remind ourselves of who we are, what we are, where we come from and where we are going. Thank you all for being here together tonight and for showing how much we love our people", said President Vučić, adding that we will not forget any of the things that the Krajina people had to go through.

"For us, these are not just terrible numbers of victims", said President Vučić and emphasized that Serbia will not forget. "History has never been rewritten like today. That is why I want to remind us all not only of what others have done to us, not wanting us to exist, but also of what we have done to ourselves, just as if we ourselves did not want to exist", said the President, noting that we must never again allow Serbia to forget its silent heroes.

President Vučić emphasized that we must never again cover our eyes, ears, and mouths in front of something that truly was a pogrom and the downfall of all humanity.

"Pretending that this is not true, avoiding saying it, is a crime not only against the victims, but also against ourselves, every living Serb, people from Krajina, as well as Serbia and its future", said President Vučić and underlined that people can stand up straight and live with themselves and the others without hesitation, fear and doubt, only if they remember.

President Vučić pointed out that Serbia must fight for peace and cradles with children, as well as that not remembering annuls and erases us from the history and the future, depriving us of the right to tomorrow.

"Our mission is a happy future for us and for the new generations! Today's Serbia is based on a clear identity and a culture of remembrance", said President Vučić and reminded that everything that had been neglected for decades had been done, and that a strong Serbia has become the master of its own destiny.

"Eternal glory to you, Serbian martyrs who perished in the "Storm" and all other pogroms. Your children are in their Serbia, taken care of, loved and successful. Sleep peacefully, Serbian falcons, the future of your children is our vow", concluded President Vučić and thanked everyone who showed that night how much they love their country and that Serbia remembers.

Source: www.predsednik.rs

Photo: www.predsednik.rs

Working visit of the Prime Minister of Hungary to the Republic of Serbia - 8 July 2021

The President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, met today with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, who was in Belgrade as part of a one-day working visit.

President Vučić thanked the high guest for his personal commitment to the exceptionally good relations between Serbia and Hungary, as well as for his full contribution to stabilization in the region. In his address after the meeting, President Vučić pointed out that the Hungarian government and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán are true friends of Serbia, who openly support Serbia's European path, even when they suffer criticism for it, and that relations between Serbia and Hungary are currently the best in our modern history.

"In the future, we will try not only to maintain such good relations between the two countries and the two peoples, but also to raise those relations to an even higher level", said President Vučić, adding that Hungary also has a sincere friend and a reliable partner in Serbia.

The President emphasized that Hungary was on the 13th place of Serbia's economic partners, and that, in a short time, it reached the fifth place, and that cooperation with that country is rapidly developing both politically and economically.

President Vučić assessed that it was Prime Minister Orbán who was largely responsible for such a development of overall bilateral relations, which enabled not only the development of good neighborly partnership, but also economic progress.

"In 2020, we had almost two billion euros of trade exchange, and in the first five months of this year, that was additionally increased by 23 percent. We have more and more companies importing and exporting goods. Special thanks to Orbán because Hungarian companies made 16 large investments last year. Three of them are on the territory of northern Serbia, i.e. Vojvodina, and 13 are south of the Sava and the Danube. This speaks of the friendship with the whole of Serbia, and it goes without saying that Serbia will always help Hungarians living in its territory", said President Vučić, adding that Serbs today have extremely good relations with Hungarians in Vojvodina, which are based on mutual respect and trust. President Vučić also reminded of the project of modernization of the Belgrade-Budapest railway, as well as the reconstruction of the railway between Subotica and Szeged, which is especially important for the people who live in one country and work or study in the other.

"We also connected gas pipelines and we are proud of that. That is a historical success of the two countries ... We covered all topics. We believe in the European future and further assistance of Hungary on that path, as well as the member countries of the Visegrad Group, because it is very important for the regional cooperation of our countries", said President Vučić.

In his address, the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, said that he unequivocally supports Serbia and its membership in the EU, because the entire Western Balkans is behind Serbia.

"Until Serbia is integrated, the Western Balkans will not be integrated. Serbia is a key country and the European Union should understand that", Prime Minister Orbán emphasized and added that the key to the stability of the region is exactly Serbia.

During the visit of Prime Minister Orbán, President Vučić presented the Order of the Serbian Flag, First Class to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary Péter Szijjártó and emphasized that he always clearly stated at every intergovernmental conference between Serbia and the European Union that Serbia must join the EU as soon as possible.

"He fought for the truth and was not ashamed of his friendship with Serbia. And we are infinitely grateful to him for that. But I also thank Viktor Orbán for leading such a policy. I am sure that this Order will be another link in the chain of our friendship", said President Aleksandar Vučić.

Source: www.predsednik.rs

Photo: Dimitrije Goll

Meeting with the President of the Hungarian National Assembly - 6 July 2021

The President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, received the President of the Hungarian Parliament, László Kövér today, with whom he agreed that relations between the two countries are at the highest level in history, based on mutual understanding and trust.

President Vučić expressed expectation that this high level of relations will be confirmed by the establishment of a strategic partnership. He also thanked Hungary for its strong support for Serbia's European integration.

President Vučić supported the parliamentary cooperation between the two countries and expressed satisfaction with the signing of the Framework Agreement on Partnership between the Hungarian Parliament and our National Assembly. The importance of infrastructural connections and projects, such as the modernization of the Belgrade-Budapest railway and the reconstruction of the Subotica-Szeged railway, as well as the connection of the gas infrastructure, was emphasized in the conversation.

The President of the Hungarian Parliament, Kövér, thanked for everything that is being done in Serbia in order to improve the position of the Hungarian national minority, and the two interlocutors stated that the Hungarian minority in Serbia and the Serbian community in Hungary represent a kind of bridge between the two countries.

The Hungarian official also emphasized Serbia's role in preserving peace and stability in the region, which is important for his country as well.

Source: www.predsednik.rs

Photo: www.predsednik.rs

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